Workshop at BRIC

How do you build inclusion and diversity? by being daring and playful.

The Womanity Project helps individuals and organizations create inclusive and diverse environments through breakthrough conversations and storytelling. We help create environments in which leadership and power are defined by collaboration, inclusion, respect, personal and cultural growth.

Most conversations we have around bias are often tightly scripted. And we’re stuck in them. For us to create new kinds of conversation, we need new tools. We use storytelling and theater improvisation to drive daring conversations around gender, race and identity policy and to inspire deeper human connections.

The way we work with you is simple. We start by having a conversation with you to understand your needs and questions. From there, we collaborate to design a training program that works for you.

We accommodate all types of groups: from a one-on-one conversations to a much larger ensemble. 

We consider the group as an ensemble, offering people the opportunity and the stage they need to share and perform their stories. 

We develop the skills you need: from active listening, leadership development, empathy, collaboration and inclusiveness to creative and critical thinking, curiosity, presence, public speaking and storytelling. 

We develop learning that lasts: Improvising creates learning that lasts because it creates memorable personal experiences with others.

Yes it is ambitious... And, trust, it works.  


become your whole self 

In this two-hour session, we will improvise around identity. Through a series of Improv and storytelling activities, you will explore who you are and declare who you want to become in front of the camera.

Available online or in person.

 intensive womanity storytelling workshop:create your story

In this multi-touch program, we will use Improv and storytelling to help you create your next story, script, book... you will develop the skills you need to grow and find your voice: connectivity, curiosity, critical thinking, empathy and creativity.

Available online or in person


womanity video interview: your story, your power

Treat yourself with a one-hour one-to-one immersive and therapeutical conversation in which you will reflect on your identity, your story and how labels empower or limit you. In front of the camera, you will experience how to claim back your power through storytelling.

You will end up the session with your video interview and you will have the opportunity to share it with others on our platform.

Available online or in person


creating inclusive environments 

A 90 min signature workshop to help you create inclusive work environments through breakthrough conversations and story sourcing. 

In our corporate training, we look to create stages in which people can trust each other, share and build new kinds of conversation for change.

Available online or onsite

inclusive leadership

A multi-touch program to build developmental & inclusive environments and enhance individual and team development. In this training, people will learn to practice inclusive leadership by developing new ways of relationships beyond bias. They will also learn leadership skills such as executive presence, public speaking, building relationships, giving feedback/coaching, community organizing.

Available online or onsite

youth indentity development program

We offer workshops using filmmaking and improv to talk about identities, power and privilege, girls and youth empowerment, sexual education, inclusion and gender bias and give the youth the skills they need to grow and create new narratives through the power of improvisation and imagination.

Available online or onsite

community organizing and social justice development

Understand how gender, race and cultural bias impact our lives and how we have the power to impact our community and transform social and cultural norms to create an environment of equality, respect and fairness.