Workshop at BRIC
workshop at BRIC
Workshop at BRIC

play, learn and grow

The Womanity Project will help you and your organization develop an environment in which success is defined by collaboration, diversity, personal and cultural growth. 

We are using the principles of Improvisation to invite people to play, reflect and reconnect on a human level. Playing allow us to start a conversation and create a safe space to lear and development opportunities for all. 

how can you develop yourself and your organization?

The way we work with organizations is simple: we start by having a conversation with you to understand your different needs and questions. From there, we collaborate to design workshops that work for all of us and we start playing.

We accommodate all types of groups: from a one-on-one conversations to a much larger ensemble. This versatility allows for everyone to find the group type and/or size in which they feel comfortable sharing, their own stories, and listening to others. 

We consider the group as an ensemble, offering people the opportunity and the stage they need to share and perform their stories. 

We develop the skills you need: from active listening, leadership development, collaboration, inclusiveness, thinking out of the box.

yes it is ambitious... And, trust, it works.  

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