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Yesterday, The Womanity Project invited Hando back as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Hando, for coming on and taking us on another centering martial arts journey!

    Lydia starts us off by detailing the conversation she and Hando had the day before. They discussed meditation, its benefits, and the multiple ways to achieve the meditative state. She describes how through movement, we are effectively relaxing the mind. Such relation is a sort of meditation as it allows us to access our vision. Hando adds that through “practicing martial arts” as meditation, we “get rid of tension” and we access better vision. By vision, he refers to “inner vision” as a means of “searching within yourself, who you are.”

“vision is above the physical ” 

    Hando goes on to teach Lydia and our viewers a short yet uplifting class similar to the one he taught us last week. Starting by slowly lifting our heels then bringing them back, not unlike a hop that never leaves the ground. Hando goes on to demonstrate circular stretches, meant to open up the joints: hand on knees, hands on hips, and go around slowly. He encourages us to practice these joint-opening stretches daily as they are truly beneficial for the body. 

Our martial arts coach moves on to demonstrate fluid, movement-filled positions, slightly hopping and shaking it out between each position. Slow and explanatory first, then pushed into a pair of power and speed. One of these movements, fluid hand and leg movement, is tied to the idea of 

“a third eye, guiding us”

as well as the concept of going up a mountain. He concludes the class with a movement he pairs with sunshine, a lovely thought to embrace on the grey sky day we’ve been having in New York City. Lydia shares that, after taking the class, she felt release, peace, and craved more. 

Please check out Hando’s Instagram Live classes on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 @vovietnamclub!

Thank you for joining us and be sure to tune-in today noon @thewomanityproject for our daily-check-in!

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