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On Friday, The Womanity Project invited Billy as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Billy, for coming on and taking us on a spiritual, meditation-filled journey! 

“creating a space for myself”

    Billy tells us, that in these times of uncertainty we should aim to create a sacred space for ourselves. For him, being surrounded by his books, candles, and music, along with making time for his yoga and meditation practices, allows him to remain grounded in calm through the chaos. He takes us on a journey to discover how to center oneself: 

“moment to moment”

    Billy emphasizes the importance of personal “journey” as he “explor[es] [his] solitude” and invites us to discover our own selves and minds as a means to embrace this time as one of reinvention. He reads us a quote on the philosophy of transfiguration by John O’Donohue from his book,  Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom:

“Spirituality is the art of transfiguration. We should not force ourselves to change by hammering our lives into any predetermined shape. We do not need to operate according to the idea of a predetermined program or plan for our lives. Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythm of our days and lives. This attention brings a new awareness of our own human and divine presence…”

    Our guest chose this passage as it relates to getting to know oneself. He invites us to pay attention to ourselves, minds, bodies as we stay present in our practice and tell ourselves:

“i am present, i have arrived, i am home ”
a key to not overwhelming ourselves 

Billy takes us through a meditation and invites us to close our eyes…

“imagine you are a star…
i am a star”
“i am the sun”
“i am the moon”
“i am water”
“i am awareness”
“i am universe”
“i am spirit”

Throughout this meditation, we are encouraged to truly embody these ‘beings.’

Now take a deep breath, open your eyes, remain in the presence, and share how you feel…

“i feel calmer, more grounded…more full and whole” -Aurelie

“The whole point of this meditation is to really ground us in the center…to move beyond ideas and labels…which are isolating sometimes”

Billy chooses to leave us with philosophy, self-care advice, and one last quote…

    Billy recommends The Art of Pilgrimage, a book by Phil Cousineau, in its ability to help us in having an interior pilgrimage, during this time, as a journey within ourselves, eventually extending to an exterior pilgrimage. 

“really listen to ourselves and others”

    Here are some key self-care practices for all of us to partake in! Drink warm glasses of water and lemon, make yourselves fresh ginger and turmeric teas. Practice gratitude. Practice the reading of “sacred books,” poetry, philosophy, books for the soul, as an alternative watching TV, for instance. 

“stay present, stay focused, and stay connected”

Special shout-out to Karine hosting free yoga classes on Instagram Live: 6:30pm @karineplantadit

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