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Thursday, The Womanity Project invited Delphine as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Delphine, for coming on and taking us on another lovely at-home culinary journey centered around the right fresh kind of richness! 

Aurelie kicks us off by discussing the emotional roller-coaster our current isolated lives can bring. She shares feeling anger at the time and finding comfort in the appreciation of the little things, like looking forward to this check-in! “Let’s talk about more soothing things today,” says Delphine, in sympathy. 

For Delphine, the food weather is still winter! She doesn’t have an oven so, she’s making a lot of soups! For the day’s check-in she wondered, “what can I make that’s impressive yet accessible?” So…

“I made short rib Japanese curry”

It may sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple! She invites us to check out this store called Kalustyan’s on Lex between 28th and 29th streets. It’s an “amazing place that has all the spices from all over the world.” Our guest chef, Delphine bought chicken tikka masala, smoked hot paprika, ground cayenne paper, freshly dried kaffir lime leaves, which she added to a broccoli soup earlier this week, making it “so much more fragrant and fresh,” and giving it a Thai kick, and Japanese Asian curry which contains turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon cloves, red pepper, fennel, star anise, and nutmeg. 

“I like it spicy but you don’t have to have it spicy” 

Aurelie also recommends a spice store on Nostrand Ave and Halsey, for those of us who live in the Stuy! 

Now on to the recipe! Place the short ribs in a pot, a dutch over, preferably and stir them on all sides until it brows. 

Then, add the Japanese curry mixture and add the chicken broth. Check your fridge for available vegetables, Delphine used carrots, mushrooms, and potatoes, for a little bit of starch. 

Now here’s the trick, “in order to get the richness, in order for the broth to reduce, you have to let it simmer for hours and hours and hours.” Delphine likes to “add scallions to pretty much everything,” so feel free to make the dish your own! 

“It was super rich” not necessarily high in calories but “it felt really silky and it felt really good and it felt like my body needs that, my mind needs that.” Unlike usual there was “no cream, I didn’t even use butter,” she says, and we, the french, love our butter! If Delphine had an over, she’d be “making quiche lorraine!” 

So, Aurelie askes, “what are you gonna do today” to which Delphine answers, “sushi!” Surprised, our host reiterates, “I’m sorry, you’re gonna make sushi?!” Delphine tells us she’s going to Japan village to get fresh cut fish! She’ll be sharing the Japanese delight with her next-door neighbors, a real treat during this confinement period. 

Lydia, in the comments, asks for a vegetarian dish. Although Delphine “likes her protein” she lets us know she will think of one for next week! 

Wrapping up, Aurelie reminds us to 

“check on each other and if you can cook, cook!”

Thank you for joining us, and be sure to tune-in tomorrow at noon @thewomanityproject for our daily-check-in!

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