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Today, The Womanity Project invited Hando as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Hando, for coming on and taking us on a lovely at-home martial arts journey! 

“respect is a very big word, it means a lot”

Today, Hando has decided to talk to us about “about self-respect.” When doing martial arts, or any other sports, we are “doing something for ourselves, taking care of ourselves.” He emphasizes the importance of letting go and not thinking too much in moments where the body is active.  

“in order to connect within ourselves, it’s a journey that is taken inside in order to extend to the world”

Hando begins by demonstrating stretches, which Aurelie partakes in. His recommended stretches consider everything from making round motions with your hands on your knees then your hips, to rubbing your hands together, shaking them to bending over and allowing your arms to swing as you audibly exhale.

“it’s like a dragon going the mountain and protecting us”

Our guest then moves on to demonstrate fluid, movement-filled positions, slightly hopping and shaking it out between each position. Slow and explanatory first, then pushed into a pair of power and speed.   

Our host, Aurelie, shares that the practice allowed her to access self-discovery, self-respect as she let herself go with the flow, adapting to different rhythms. She details feeling part of an environment in which self-awareness and feelings of synchronicity propel her into a sensation of controlled peace. 

Thank you for joining us today and be sure to tune-in tomorrow at noon @thewomanityproject for our daily-check-in!

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