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The Womanity Project invited Delphine Guenin as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Delphine, for coming on and taking us on a lovely at-home culinary journey! 

“taking care of myself, for myself”

Cooking is her trick! Delphine showed us gorgeous pictures of her latest culinary creations! She reminds us: “let’s not be wasteful!” You cook a cup of rice for yourself and you don’t eat it all? Make it another meal in the next couple of days! 

Delphine took us through a 15min cooking class on UMAMI: the 5th flavor. We all know our salty, sweet, bitter, sour, but umami is the ultimate “flavor builder,” the Japanese describe it as “a pleasant savory taste.” Here are Delphine’s suggestions for staple umami flavors to stock your pantry with:

fish sauce, anchovies, miso, soy sauce, and dashi

The home-taught chef reveals her vinaigrette secrets! Her tip, “be creative!”

“we all deserve something nice right now”

Her special vinaigrette: shallots, diced thinly and soaked in lemon juice, add some good olive oil (let yourself be fancy), good mustard (reach for that Dijon), Japanese mayo which “you could eat with a spoon,” and cilantro, one of her favorite flavors! And voilà!

Delphine ends her mini cooking class by reminding us to buy parmesan and make pasta to support our fellow humans: the Italians, during this hard time. She shares her tips for a better tomato sauce: salt, salt, salt your water, “it should taste like the ocean,” and add the starchy water while your pasta is cooking to your tomato sauce to add texture! And voilà! 

“whatever we don’t spend on entertainment right now, let’s spend it good food”

Have fun experimenting in your kitchen everyone! 

Salmon Rice Bowl


  • sushi rice
  • salmon
  • bok Choi
  • scallions
  • soy sauce
  • siracha
  • Mayo (preferably kewpie)
  • nori 


Cook one cup of rice in one cup of water. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cover. Taste for donness, then remove from the heat, add one knob of butter and let rest covered for 15 minutes.

Slice the salmon in .5 “ pieces or so. Season with salt and pepper. Sear in a very hot pan, on each side, quickly.

Briefly cook the bok Choi in a pan with olive oil.

In a bowl, mix together siracha and mayo.

Assemble: start with rice, bok Choi, drizzle soy sauce, add scallions, nori, scallions and drizzle some siracha mayo mixture. 

Thank you for joining us today and be sure to tune-in tomorrow at noon @thewomanityproject to our daily-check-in!

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