Womanity Check In ~ Reinvent

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Today, on our Womanity daily check-in our President, Aurelie, and Vice President, Lydia met to discuss ways for all of us to reinvent ourselves in these complicated times. Thank you, Lydia, for coming on and sharing your self-reinvention journey! 

    Aurelie starts us off by saying she is grateful for this daily check-in as it pushes her to get up, get dressed, and put on her famous red lipstick. To which Lydia responds, “let’s shower, shall we?” The two laugh in unison filling our hearts with a well-needed drop of joyful light. 

    Our founder invites Lydia to talk about reinvention in relation to her being an artist and actor. Our VP shares that, as an actor, reinvention is part of her daily life, she is in constant improvisation! Being an actor is trying new things, it’s becoming someone else at any given time. 

“i am a master of reinventing” 

    Lydia shares that she is used to people cooking for her, Aurelie included, and that this whole pandemic situation has pushed her to go against the things she believes she cannot do, cooking, for instance. She asked some friends for cooking advice, put her music on, got in her vibe, and just “started chopping some vegetables,” she says, with a giggle. Relaxing into the idea that there is “no time, no stress,” Lydia managed to make a soup that was “absolutely delicious!” Prior to this moment, whenever someone asked, ‘do you cook,’ she’d always found herself answering: “no, I can’t do that.”

“it was such a great discovery to challenge that thing that i think i don’t know how to do”

    Lydia finds herself “excited to have these new discoveries during this time” and wonders “how many restrictions” we put on ourselves. She encourages us to “really reflect on that and say ‘ok maybe there are other things I can work on during this time of corona’” to turn it into valuable time. For Lydia, it may be cooking, but for you, it could be dancing or learning that language you’ve always wanted to learn. 

“how can we use this time to be creative and find joy in the little things”  

    As we consistently scale aspects in our lives, we prioritize certain things and neglect other ‘little things’ that truly aren’t so little at all. This idea prompts Aurelie to invite us to join in a short yet sweet meditation grounded in reinvention: close your eyes and think of the one thing you need at the moment, the gift you’d most like to receive right here, right now. Is it…

“peace, quiet, music, or simply loving yourself and saying I am enough”

She shares, “this week i would like to do less and care more”

Lydia shares, “this week i want to be less hard on myself”

Before wrapping up our daily check-in, the two exchange wishes as gifts. 

From Aurelie to Lydia, the gift “to be gentle with yourself and to love yourself”

From Lydia to Aurelie, the gift of “no worries”
    Our wonderful Womanity leaders end today’s check-in by sharing a virtual uplifting dance in this rainy weather! We all joined in, dancing to Sye Bwa by Kassav, enjoying a care-free moment of release!

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