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Friday, The Womanity Project invited Carrie as our guest on our daily check-in! Thank you, Carrie, for coming on and taking us on an expert improvisation journey! 

Aurelie introduces Carrie, a life, executive, and relationship coach, she’s currently leading family and couples improv workshops. Please look her up on her website, coachingzpd.com “to know all about her coaching and her expertise as a fundraiser.” Aurelie and Carrie met through The Womanity Project, as she was hired as our “fundraising coach.” Aurelie shares that Carrie “tremendously helped us, not only to build trust within the board, but also cultural philanthropy with the board and with our community, while having fun.” Thank you Carrie for all you’ve done and continue to do for Womanity! 

Aurelie ties the day’s theme of improvisation to all our check-ins, as they are inherently improv. She takes us backstage, telling us that when she asked Carrie what they should do today, she replied, 

“we should play”

    But first, a quick lesson on improv consisting of how to break down the 5th wall, the technology wall. “We’re gonna try to bust through that and have fun together,” says Carrie, before teaching us the fundamental rule of improv: “yes…and!” 

“It’s a powerful, intentional, creative practice of building with other people. It involves active listening, it involves affirming and building with what others give you. In life, we can all get stuck with our own scripts, and we need some new tools to bust out of that, to create new life scripts, new conversations, and improv is a wonderful addition to a toolbox of being able to get out of your comfort zone, try new lines, and try new ways of being!”

    The first game is a mirroring game. Here’s how it works, “I’m going to make some very slow movements and you’re all going to mirror what I do.” The two proceed to make slow and controlled, interestingly silly yet inviting, hand movements and facial expressions. “And scene,” says Carrie as the two share a laugh. 

The next game is called “the two-headed experts.” Carrie suggests the two are experts in “bird migration” and invites the viewers to send in questions which they will answer in unison, now on to the game! Carrie starts us off with the first question: “why do birds migrate!” The two answer in slow mirrored sounds which slowly turn to words sharing laughs and funny faces. Carrie jokes, “I don’t know why they don’t have this on the cover of the New York Times!” 

Isabelle, in the comments, asks how to overcome zoom and Instagram live shyness, to which Carrie replies, “keep playing with us, do it now, get out of your comfort zone with us!”

The last activity is song creation! “We’re going to create a song together,” says Carrie, inviting the viewers to comment words or short phrases for the title. “Don’t think too much, just type whatever comes to mind.” What came in you ask? Well, “be good,” “remodel,” “flamingo,” and “joy” were some of the notable comments! Here are the final lyrics:

Joooy, we gotta have joooy, 
We gotta have joooy, (Aurelie joins inn)
Joooy, we gotta have joooy, 
We gotta have joooy,
And remodel the hooouse, 
(we all join in)
Joooy, we gotta have joooy, 
We gotta have joooy,
And remodel the hooouse, 

On more time, dramatic broadway like, for some extra laughs

The “perfect quarantine activity,” fun, unexpected, and surprisingly freeing. 
“keep playing everybody”

Thank you for joining us, and be sure to tune-in tomorrow at noon @thewomanityproject for our daily-check-in!

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