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Yesterday, The Womanity Project Daily Check-in switched it up a little. Lala hosted our Live and invited all our viewers as her guests! Thank you Lala for hosting and taking us on a journey of connection!

Lala kicks us of by discussing the necessity of connecting with each other during this time in which we cannot physically be present and hugs are scarce. She reads a comment from on of our viewers: “I’m an introvert so it’s hard for me” to stay connected. Lala advises that she should try having virtual connections at whichever level she feels comfortable with, texts, calls, facetimes. She goes on to provide other examples of virtual get-togethers: virtual happy hours, virtual karaoke… 

We go on to discuss another viewer’s question: should she reach out to an old friend that hurt her in the past. Lala suggests reaching out because if you’ve been thinking of them, “there is something in your heart telling you to reconnect with that person.” She tells us, if someone is on your mind, you can find ways to reconnect without having to put yourself in a vulnerable place. The viewer specifies that she was rejected by the old friend. Lala reminds us all that “rejections are part of life…man’s rejection is the greatest protection…rejection is apart of life, such as pain, and heartache…but…if the person’s been on your mind, there’s probably a reason.”

“there is  still joy”

    Lala shares that she’s been mindful of reaching out to people, she feels need to be reached out to. She believes this is the time to put aside the family drama and take care of each other within our families. She reminds that although we should be checking in on everyone around you, “you need to get checked-in on yourself” and build a beneficial support system around you. 

“you never know who needs connection”

Our host encourages us to find Live virtual shows made available right now. From Drag Queens performing in their living rooms to virtual talent shows. From virtual balls to google talks. 

She encourages us to share in joy, laughter, but also sadness, and anger when the moment arises. We have to check in on the people that we know and others that we don’t know because, ultimately, we are all in this together.

Lala bravely shares that, very sadly, one of her dear friends, a fellow trans rights advocate, has passed away from COVID-19. Lala had a hard week but she is staying grateful for everything she does have. Our host was in a cheerful, playful mood yesterday which she infused in all of us, viewers. 

One of Lala’s COVID-19 rituals is to take a walk every morning! She tells us to take a couple of laps around the block to stretch and clear our minds. Make sure to open your windows. Use zoom, google talk, WhatsApp, and so many others, to make sure you are staying connected. 

“let’s check on eachother, let’s stay together”

Thank you for joining us and be sure to tune-in today noon @thewomanityproject for our daily-check-in!

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