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Maria Acordia

Maria Arcodia
Time Traveler...Teacher...Wife...Mother...Step-Mother...Friend...Daughter...Sister... Runner...Dream Weaver 🙂

Maria A. used to be a superstar Kindergarten Teacher. She got her yoga teacher certificate and she now she is a superstar wellness teacher at a great public school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School 414. She’s also a superstar at finding a way to be a runner in the midst of an incredibly demanding daily work and family life, especially now that she is fighting her way back from an injury that forced her to put running aside for almost a year.

"I am embarking on a new chapter in my career; one that will allow me to bring all of my favorite things together to teach the whole child. I will be the new wellness teacher at my favorite school! The students, families, and faculty at my school believe in the importance of teaching the whole child. As a newer (6 years young) public school in Brooklyn, New York, we service students from various backgrounds. All of the families in our school believe in the importance of community and working together towards a common goal.

Wellness isn't just healthy eating; wellness is a state of being, a relaxing breath, a moment where you save space for yourself.

As the wellness teacher, I want to teach all of our students how to take mindful moments to check in with themselves, learn about calming breaths, eat healthful foods, and get their bodies ready to become long-term athletes."

Power song: Simply the Best by Tina Turner

Quote : “Women carry the wight of the world on their shoulders and make it look so easy even when it's not.”

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