Melody Bates
Actress, Writer

Melody is an actress and writer, known for her roles in R & J & Z, which she wrote and starred in, and If Colorado Had an Ocean at La Mama E.T.C.

Quote : “Inequality sucks for all of us. Women and men, people of all genders—patriarchy victimizes everybody"


Hettie Barnhill
Dancer, Choreographer

Hettie is a dancer, choreographer, and art therapist. She co-founded Create a Space Now (2016), an interactive social platform that used performance and multimedia art to further discourse around #blacklivesmatter and racial justice in America.

Quote: "I think it's very important, with the scape of the world right now, not only to create content that's very honest to what's going on, but it's also important to support a woman writer, a woman choreographer...there is a protest in just being that we are women creating."

Hettie and Melody collaborate on their "two-woman plus a few" play The Cabaret at the End of the World, a riff on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Power song: Holy Water by Alicia Keys