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we tell your stories, you create our change

The Womanity Project is a nonprofit multimedia platform producing media content and workshops to shed a light on cultural and gender stereotypes.

We believe human connection is the starting point of respect and equality. When you feel included, you’re inspired to do your bit, and make your community fairer. This is the Womanity Effect.

On our platform, everyone can celebrate their experiences around gender, race and equality… and also reflect on their hopes and how they become their change. 

All you have to do is to to become part of the conversation, share your story, reflect on what you can change. And, finally pass the baton, invite others. 

The Womanity Project is not a one gender platform, it is a movement for all. If we can start adding questions to challenge the current ‘gender narrative’ we can create a culture of change.  Instead of “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “I’m stronger, you’re weaker”, “I belong and you don’t”…We can imagine a world in which we say: YES, AND.

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what they say about us...

I learnt so much from your workshop, I'm still processing about how I feel and about my identities and the realization of my power.

High School Student

It's the first time somebody listened to me this way. You have no idea what it means. Being physically abused as a child shamed me, I feel that now I can come out of my shelve, add value and help others.

Public relations

Thank you a million times - It's the best present I ever got.

Partner at Law Firm

These amazing ladies asked me to sit down with them.
So Inspirational.


Thank you so much @thewomanityproject. I never thought my voice would ever touch anyone and meeting you not only changed my life but also created a beautiful sisterhood. And now I am about to be able to be all over and it’s all because of you and taking my truths and letting me tell the world through my eyes love you both.

Lala Zannel
Trans Justice Campaign Manger at ACLU

T H E     W O M A N I T Y    T E A M

Aurelie Harp - About us

Aurélie Harp
Founder, President, CEO

Aurélie Harp is a French artist, producer and entrepreneur. In France, she studied sciences politics, the place of women in the French Resistance and marketing. She worked for almost a decade in advertising in Paris, London and New York. Her passion for films and theater led her to acting, writing and directing those past 10 years. She is a women rights’ advocate and you can call her a womanist and a feminist! She’s  collaborating to the French Newspaper’s blog “Liberation, Carnets de campagnes US” et “L’Amerique sous Trump”. Aurélie loves people, art and Brooklyn.

Lydia Darly - About us

Lydia Darly
VP, Producer

Lydia Darly is an Award Winner Filmmaker and Actress, born and raised in Paris, originally from Guadeloupe. Her acting career started in Italy. Lydia's love for American Cinema and desire to develop and perfect her craft took her to New York City where she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute. After the successful Festival run of her film THE WAY YOU LOVE, Lydia is now working on her next screenplays. Lydia is a frequent guest speaker and programmer at film festivals in support of emerging indie filmmakers and a big advocate for women in film. She recently received  2014 Queens World Film Festival Community Award for her work with the festival. Lydia is the co-founder of the Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab.


Billy Gerard Frank
Treasury, CFO

Billy Gerard Frank is a Multi-disciplinary Artist, Filmmaker and Nominated Production Designer from the Caribbean and now based in NYC. His collected, altered and own mix media artworks have been exhibited in group and solo shows in NYC, London and the Caribbean and is shown in various private collections and institutions like the National Academy Museum of Fine Arts and Design and MOMA PS1. His films have also been screened at numerous International film festivals. He is also the founder of Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab.  



Isabel Castañares
Board Member, Creative and Digital Director

Isabel is a Graphic Designer originally from Madrid, Spain. With a background in Psychology, she has worked in a range of fields: teacher, interpreter, therapist, social worker, advocate. Ultimately she became a Graphic Designer in 2013 and today she enjoys combining her human rights interest with her creative work.



Geraldine Pierson
Board Member, Secretary

Géraldine Pierson a photographer, mother, stepmother, and wife. She has produced or shot still-life, lifestyle, high fashion, and portraiture from New Caledonia to Ghana, Idaho to Cannes, Ushuaia to Maui, and from the jungle of Sumatra to the dunes of Merzouga. She has been resident in Brooklyn for the last 20 years.

JonathanMurtaugh B&W

Jonathan Murtaugh
Board Member, Director of Marketing Strategy

Jonathan Murtaugh is a 15 year sales and marketing veteran with 5+ years at Facebook (including stints leading its Film and TV vertical and as Site Director of Facebook's Los Angeles office. Experience in go-to-marketstrategy, product development, and $350m/yr run-rate revenue generation.

DG Web Shoot 2

Delphine Guenin
Board Member

Delphine Guenin is the founder of 12 Locks, a branding and design collective. Over ten years of directing projects at the epicenter of New York City’s fast-paced branding world have made Delphine a confident, resourceful and creative producer with a proven track record in taking on the most challenging of brand identity and marketing assignments. 
Alessia Gatti

Alessia Gatti
Board Member

Alessia Gatti is an Italian filmmaker and producer the creator of the mini docu-series "Hands of New York". Alessia has also won several awards for her commercials for Barilla, Menicon France, William Hill, and TV5 France.In 2015 Alessia founded the  Greenwich Village Film Festival in NYC. Alessia lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.57.56 AM

Iman M’Fah-Traoré
Board Member, Blogger

Born in Paris, of a Franco-Brazilian mother and an Ivorian father, Iman M’Fah-Traoré grew up in New York City and graduated from the Lycée Français de New York. She now attends Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) where she majors in Political Science and double minors in Law and Communications. 

other artists associated

Celine Rosenthal (radio producer, Director), Lizzie Hagstedt (Music composer), Melissa Pinsly (Creative consultant), Franklin Zitter (Editor), Amy Lawday (Associate Director), Alice Millar (Cinematographer), Carmen Sutton (Line Producer and still photographer), Mick O’Connor (audio producer), Samantha Reichman (video producer), Maya Cozier (graduating from Film of Visual Arts), Clifford Lane (VO & sound design), Roded Leviathan (composer), Ricky Sutton (web guru), Leeron Reiter (film editor), Bianca Barattini (graphic designer). Thank you also to the Womanity Foundation who welcomed us in the Womanity family.

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