O U R    C H A N G E


let's play, learn and grow

How can we build Developmental Environments for ourselves and for our organization? How do we go from a "should or should not" isolating perspective to a "being and growing together" one? How do we access vulnerability and empathy to positively impact our inter-relational dynamics at work and in our community?


There are no magic wands, this a transformative process. The essence of human beings is to adapt to any given situation and act or react accordingly. In our daily lives, we are constantly improvising. The Womanity Project will help you and your organization reflect, improvise and create new performances around gender and diversity to grow together and create rich and collaborative environments. We are using the art of improvisation and daring conversations to reconnect people on a human level. These focal points allow us to start a conversation and create new social spaces for learning and development opportunities. 

In our workshops, we consider the group as an ensemble, offering people the opportunity and the stage they need to share and perform their stories. We make people play, learn and grow.

Our workshops accommodate all types of groups: from a one-on-one conversations to a much larger ensemble. This versatility allows for everyone to find the group type and/or size in which they feel comfortable sharing, their own stories, and listening to others.   

The way we work with organizations is simple: we start by having a conversation with you to understand your different needs and questions. From there, we collaborate to design the workshops that work for all of us. 

Yes it is ambitious... And, trust, it works 

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