Maria Molina and Victoria Molina

I want my daughter to experience

Maria Molina and Victoria Molina (daughter)
Public Elementary School's Parent Coordinator and mother, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Maria is the Parent Coordinator at Brooklyn Arbor, a Public Elementary School. Originally from Puerto Rico, she's been living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY her whole life. Victoria is currentlystudying at George Washington University in DC and majoring in Political Science.

Maria's Power song: Marc Anthony, Preciosa, Puerto Rico Beauty

Quote : "I'm hoping as a mom to be able to teach my kids to get away from my old thinking and be able to stand up for equality in all"

Victoria's Power song: Panic! at the disco, Victoriousy

Quote : "you're a girl, you're not supposed to be strong minded, what??"

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