we can have it all
Diane Paragas

woman is the queen
Lydia Darly

I don't need a man to feel complete
Karine Plantadit

it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice
Maria Acordia

being a woman is almost trendy, it’s about time!
Laura Murphy

I want my daughter to experience everything that I was not able to do as a child
Maria Molina

an even plain field is just the basic of what I want in life
Morin Oluwole


I want to surround myself by strong and able women
Vanessa Haroutunian


it does not have to be this way
Lauren Sandler

love what you see in the mirror
Maria Dizzia

raising our sons for equality
Sebaz Walter


there should be a ubiquitous sense of respect among women as sisters

I'm a Goddess, I'm a Queen, I'm a Sister
Lala Zannell

my body, my righ
Yvonne Gonzalez