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Maeva Proteau

Maéva Proteau, Canada.
Student in international Affairs at Sciences-Po Paris, co-founder of The Initiative for the Future of Global Risk

Maeva was born in Montreal, Canada. She recently completed my Bachelor at McGill University, earning a Joint Honours Degree in Political Science and Middle East Studies. She was enrolled in the HBX Core program of Harvard University and she is currently undertaking a Master in International Security at Sciences Po in the Paris School of International Affairs. Her areas of interest are international relations, international security and Islamic radical movements. 

Maeva completed an internship with Syrian refugees in Lebanon in the summer of 2014. She co-founded The Initiative for the Future of Global Risk - IFGR a think tank that  strives to showcase lesser explored and emerging areas of global risk such as cyber security, climate change, terrorism and alternative currencies.

Quote : “Lead by example, do your work and try to help other women where you can. ”