let's transform rather than fix

our stories, our change

The Womanity Project is a nonprofit multimedia organization using social media and the art of improvisation to build developmental environments focusing on gender, diversity and equality. “What does it mean to be intimate with ourselves and how can we redefine it with each other, after all we are the most social species on Earth,” asks Aurélie Harp, the founder of The Womanity Project. Our organization strives to drift away from isolating individualism and towards a more inclusive togetherness to balance personal success with the betterment of humanity as a whole.


Daring conversations are the non-profit’s backbone as they allow for multiple narratives and dynamic ensembles of voices to emerge. These types of conversations inspire us to reconnect with our humanity. The Womanity Project employs empathy, vulnerability, and playfulness to challenge and transform our societies rather than to fix or fight it. And " men need to be part of the conversation, because men themselves are victims of the patriarchal toxicity,” notes our founder, "they have a part to play".

The Womanity Project inspires us to use social media, not only to connect virtually, but to reconnect in real life with each other. We believe that using social media the right way, starting conversations, sharing stories and creating new human performances can allow people to reconnect, redefine themselves in relationships and feel empowered. Our organization is about developing the tools we need to continuously adapt and grow together. It is about pulling away from “toxic masculinity” and looking for a plurality of opinions, multiple narratives, and overall, better social interactions. " We are social animals who need to be co-creating rather than co-destroying". The competitive nature of our society removes us from our social needs. Too often, we lose ourselves in a black and white representation of the world and neglect complexity. It’s often oversimplification that fosters sexism, homophobia, racism, ableism, and any form of discrimination.We want a world in which we collaborate and create, a world in which we say “yes…and…” to each other in efforts to acknowledge the other’s experience all the while building on it. This is why we say “our stories, our change” because this isn’t about one individual, our founder, or even about one organization, Womanity; this is our human revolution. It is about finding a balance, an equality for us all to grow in an inclusive environment.  For a better, equal world, we must embrace togetherness. 


 And now we ask you :

what does it mean to be define or be defined as a gender? 


Men can be feminine, women can be masculine, transgenders can be feminine or masculine, one can feel feminine one moment and masculine the moment after... Our belief is that the definition of gender identity is fluid.


To help getting to that transformation, we encourage you to explore and share our work in different ways:

watch   from our social media series produced for mobile platforms (Facebook Watch, Instagram stories, twitter…) to our docu-series and feature films. The Womanity Project is part of the film collective, Women Make Movies.

listen A 30 minute podcast series to open the conversation to a broader conversation (every week, one interview leads us to one conversation about school, race, period, history, politics…)

workshops -- Using the principles of Improv (Yes And, curiosity, presence, collaboration…), we are building diverse ensembles exploring who we are and who we want to become.

read — Supporting the message and getting feedback from a larger audience.

about the mustache

As you might’ve noticed, we are obsessed with our mustache!

Here’s why we love it!

Our mustache challenges some patriarchal, sometimes mansplained, clichés (in a playful way):

  • “Feminists are men haters” : interesting choice of words, how did end up with this definition? Fem’ + minists could mean Fem + menists or Fem + humanists. but somehow, it has been reduced to Fem+minimized-men ists.
  • You have to become a man in order to fulfill your ambitions”: And if you want to be or become a man, so what?
  • Feminists are just angry women on their periods” : Well, when you look at the list (earn less, spend more, become a sex object, don't be loud, be expected to clean, cook, pop out babies and don't complain...), then maybe we have some reasons to be angry. 
  • Feminism is only for (white) women with a vagina : our mustache does not really say anything about that but we want to challenge that. 
  • Feminism is ridiculous : and we say maybe, who knows, does it matter? --Can we play & dress up, make up & transform?



When you hear the word feminism, what does it mean to you? 




about us


Aurélie Harp
Founder, President and Producer

Aurélie Harp is a French artist, producer and entrepreneur. In France, she studied sciences politics, the place of women in the French Resistance and marketing. She worked for almost a decade in advertising in Paris, London and New York. Her passion for films and theater led her to acting, writing and directing those past 10 years. She is a women rights’ advocate and you can call her a womanist and a feminist! She’s  collaborating to the French Newspaper’s blog “Liberation, Carnets de campagnes US” et “L’Amerique sous Trump”. Aurélie loves people, art and Brooklyn.


Lydia Darly
VP, Producer

Lydia Darly is an Award Winner Filmmaker and Actress, born and raised in Paris, originally from Guadeloupe. Her acting career started in Italy. Lydia's love for American Cinema and desire to develop and perfect her craft took her to New York City where she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute. After the successful Festival run of her film THE WAY YOU LOVE, Lydia is now working on her next screenplays. Lydia is a frequent guest speaker and programmer at film festivals in support of emerging indie filmmakers and a big advocate for women in film. She recently received  2014 Queens World Film Festival Community Award for her work with the festival. Lydia is the co-founder of the Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab.


Iman M’Fah-Traoré
Writer, Co-Producer

Born in Paris, of a Franco-Brazilian mother and an Ivorian father, Iman M’Fah-Traoré grew up in New York City. The young newyorker graduated from the Lycée Français de New York and now attends Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) where she majors in Political Science and double minors in Law and Communications. Iman has been writing short stories, poetry, and plays since the age of six. Her inspiration comes from her experience of being a young black woman lucky enough to have a voice and willing to share it with those facing discrimination. Most recently, Iman began collaborating with The Womanity Project. She publishes her weekly column on the Womanity blog. Iman’s life has been shaped by her travels, multicultural background, and her love for poetry, politics, and activism.


Isabel Castañares
Graphic Designer

Isabel is a Graphic Designer originally from Madrid, Spain. With a background in Psychology, she has worked in a range of fields: teacher, interpreter, therapist, social worker, advocate. Ultimately she became a Graphic Designer in 2013 and today she enjoys combining her human rights interest with her creative work.



Billy Gerard Frank
Treasurer, Production Designer

Billy Gerard Frank is a Multi-disciplinary Artist, Filmmaker and Nominated Production Designer from the Caribbean and now based in NYC. His collected, altered and own mix media artworks have been exhibited in group and solo shows in NYC, London and the Caribbean and is shown in various private collections and institutions like the National Academy Museum of Fine Arts and Design and MOMA PS1. His films have also been screened at numerous International film festivals. He is also the founder of Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab.  



Celine Rosenthal
Co-producer, Co-Director, Host

Celine Rosenthal is a New York based director and educator who works on new plays and musical adaptations. She is an NYU Tisch alum, Tony Nominated Producer (Leap of Faith, Seminar), Musical Theatre Factory Board Member, and a founding member of The Neela Theatre Project for at-risk youth in Mumbai. Her work has been seen at NYMF, New York City Center, MMAC, 54 Below, 59E59, Abingdon Theatre and in the Broadway's Future Songbook Series at Lincoln Center. Recent projects include Borders in a Bedroom at The Tamasha Festival (Awarded Best Production), and Adam Ashraf’s The Death of Grandma Hanem at Theatre For The New City. Celine received her MFA in Directing from The New School for Drama, where she directed Little Man by Bekah Brunstetter, Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, and musical adaptation of David Greig’s Yellow Moon, among others. She is the recipient of an SDCF Observership, and a Directing Fellowship at Asolo Repertory Theatre.

other artists associated

Celine Rosenthal (radio producer, Director), Lizzie Hagstedt (Music composer), Melissa Pinsly (Creative consultant), Franklin Zitter (Editor), Amy Lawday (Associate Director), Alice Millar (Cinematographer), Carmen Sutton (Line Producer and still photographer), Mick O’Connor (audio producer), Samantha Reichman (video producer), Maya Cozier (graduating from Film of Visual Arts), Clifford Lane (VO & sound design), Roded Leviathan (composer), Ricky Sutton (web guru), Leeron Reiter (film editor), Bianca Barattini (graphic designer). Thank you also to the Womanity Foundation who welcomed us in the Womanity family.

...are you next?